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I need your help !

Hey guys, I’m wondering who I would get in touch with for some flashmob advice or expertise ??

This is for Helen McGuire (helenguire@gmail.com) because she didnt put it as a question haha :)

You can write to us here or on twitter @DublinFlashmob or our email @irishdirectioners12@gmail.com

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It all depends on the venues rules. Some places have different age limits, also some venues will say you must have an adult present if you’re under a certain age and then not even check. 

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Anonymous: What's the question we have to answer for this month's Inspiration of the Month?

It will be at the top of the page where you enter :) which you will be able to see when the competition opens at 8pm:)

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Anonymous: how many people are running this? xx

Running the site, one main one, myself and then I have two other girls helping:) the twitter site theres 5-7 of us:) Myself, Melody, I am on this mainly:)xx Anything I can help you with sweetie?:)

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So you have probably been wondering 'What's this announcement on Friday over?'

Well first off I would like to start off by saying we may be doing a few small fundraisers before out main one on December 15TH. If you still haven’t heard about our brand new main event it is Here. There will be more details over the coming weeks.

The main announcment that we have been dying to tell you about is our new Competition page that will be up and running over the coming hours.

There will be some small random competitions over the coming months but our main one which we are excited to tell you about in detail is our,

'Inspiration Of The Month'  competition which will be held every month.

What is the 'Inspiration Of The Month' Competition?: 

The 'Inspiration Of The Month' competition is a competition to give back to everyone who has supported us, helped us with idea’s and more. 

This competition is based solely on you guys. 

How does the competition work?:

The compeition works like this, Each month a new winner will be picked. Starting September 1ST we will have our very first inspiration of the month.

On September 3RD the competition will re-open for new entries to become Octobers Inspiration of the month

Entries for the compeition’s can be submitted from the 3RD-29TH of each month Once the new Winner has been picked. 

The Winner will be picked Between 29TH-31ST and Announced on the 1ST of the new month in hand. 

How do we enter?:

To Enter the competition it is simple, you will be asked one simple question, and you will simply have to answer it, the main question will change every month. How the winner is picked is based on a vote of three finalist that will be picked after reading every entry and then the over-all winner is picked over a judging panel of 12 judges, so it is fair. How we choose the winner will be based on what we believe is the best person to win, it will be tough, but there will also be a lot more competitions. There will be a link on our site for the competition entry section, which will be easily visible as you enter the site, the link will also be tweeted throughout the month in case anyone misses it.

What will the Inspiration Of The Month win?:

The winner of this competition will win the Inspiration of the Month Package.

This package contents will change every month, but some prizes to be expect in the future will be:

  • Band Cups, Badges, misellineous items.
  • Books
  • T-shirts
  • Calenders for 2013
  • Signatures/signed items
  • CD’S, Singles etc.
  • Gift Cards.
  • and many more items.

The Winner will also win free promo for that entire month, featuring in our, ‘Inspiration Of The Month’ section on our site, along with a short interview with the winner and a short description of our inspiration of the month.

How will the winner receive the package?:

We ask each entrant when sending their answer to add their twitter name or tumblr link at the bottom. When the Winner is selected we will DM that person and get their details on the 1ST of each month. Their Promo will begin straight away, we will get the short interview over with and the package will be sent out over the month. 

The sole purpose of this competition is to give back to everyone who has helped. This will be our Main competition, but there will be a few smaller one’s over the months just for some fun.

Entries for Septembers 'Inspiration Of The Month' will open Tonight the 3RD of August 2012 and Close on the 29TH Of This month. 

If you have any questions about the competition at all please don’t be afraid to ask us. Just contact us Here or Here

Thank you to everyone and we really hope you like our idea and join in the fun.


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this is amazing , i just smiled threw the whole thing <3

Need to talk? or need a smile?

So we’ve set up our pages to help teenagers and anyone across the world fighting through a hard time. Anyone who feel’s down, low, rough, upset, confused, anyone who just need’s someone to talk to.we will be your strengthWe are here.

So talk to us, whenever you need to, we don’t judge, we never assume, we just listen. We have been through our own tough times and we want to help. You are not alone.

If a smile a day is what you’re looking for, a giggle before you head out with friends, or don’t want to talk about any problems, just want to sit and chat. If you have any happy stories, when you met your favourite celebrity, when you got a huge birthday present, any happy stories. Send us your happiness. spread the love, and help make someone else’s day. Send us your stories. Inspire us. Just visit our need-a-smileeee page. 

and remember guys. WE ARE HERE.

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Surprise Surprise Surprise.

So who’s excited for Friday? We know, we are very excited to announce our lovely surprise for you all. 

Not only are we excited to tell everyone what our surprise is, we’re excited to see everyone’s reaction and interest!

So get ready for this coming Friday, cause this surprise is a good one!

And hopefully everyone likes it.

Thank you,


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And We’re Live.

Hey guys, Welcome to the very first Official Site. Our Custom Domain is in progress right now, so if over the next few days the site is down, that is why:D 

This site was created for the sole purpose of keeping you guys updated in an easy manner, so check out the links above, reblog some photo’s on our photo event page and if you have any photo’s from past event’s SEND THEM ON IN.

If you have any question’s there’s links everywhere for that kind of stuff. 

Over the next few weeks the site will be used a lot for updating you guys on all the brand new upcoming events, including our main one on December 15th! WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL CHECK OUT IN OUR UPCOMING EVENTS SECTION ABOVE!, whether you can actually come a long or be there in spirit, it will be amazing.

There is also information on our chosen charity for our next main event, so if you happen to not know anything about them please check them out and maybe even donate if you can.

Don’t forget, if you really want to get to know us girls and the reason’s behind helping us, check out our ‘What we’re all about page’.

Any question’s, just ask.

Hope all the links and site help in the future. 

Thank you once again for everything. 

Also look out for our big announcement on our surprise on Friday. 

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